What We Believe

We believe in Jesus Christ that He is the son of God and is God. We believe that Jesus is our Saviour and also very importantly our Lord, our Master. We believe that we are saved by faith in Jesus through grace.

We cannot save ourselves so God, through his grace, sent his son Jesus to die in our place. We believe this grace is for us to do bear good fruit, not to continue sinning. We start to bear fruit by reading his word and through prayer. We bear fruit by obeying his word. As God loved us, we love Him by obeying his command. As we obey Him, we will suffer in our flesh, but grow in our Spirit. We can only obey Him and please Him by the power of the Spirit living inside us. As He is our new Master, obedience is the key to our new life in service to Him.

We are saved by faith through this grace. This faith is an active, ongoing, living faith that results in good works. Faith comes from hearing the word of God, and through obedience to Him in active service. Faith, initially is believing God, then growing to trust God and finally to obey God. Faith is believing, trusting and obeying God whom we cannot see. We do not see, yet believe.

So what does God want us to do now in this temporary life on this earth? To demonstrate that we have faith through obedience. To demonstrate that we do believe by being fruitful. By picking up our cross and following Jesus. What does picking up our cross mean except to finally die on it. So outwardly we should be dying every day and inwardly we are renewed day by day. We die to save others as Christ has done. This is Christian growth, not just on the outside, but on the inside. This is how we love others by dying for them. This how we love others, by allowing the Spirit inside us to touch them and give them new life. This is how we love others by giving them the gospel. So we should stand firm.

We stand firm by being with other true believers of Christ, coming together as a Church, as God commands us. Sharing faith and enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Join to learn about this good news. Join us to learn about Jesus. Join us to learn about our faith. Join us to learn about God’s grace.

“To love God is to obey Him, to obey Him, is to know Him, to know Him is eternal life”. God has done and will do his part, now let us do ours.