What a blessing to be siteadmin :)

Want to share about the past few months developing this website since April. I can see God’s working with me in this task.

It links back that my first job after graduation was actually being a web developer for three years. Although I have changed my career path after that, it gave me the basic skills needed here for the church website. Praise God that He prepared me on the task.

I am not a talkative person by nature and don’t have desire to lead in any areas. If I look to my life, I have left many important things undone and being dragged here and there. Praise God that He used my weakness and many tasks assigned to me in church are done actually. I was able to communicate and organize people to contribute contents to the site and reach the go-live deadline. What can I say? I can only give the credit to God that He worked in me and people so things are done quickly.

There was a difficult period of time with struggling how to implementing some of the features to the site. Development was freezing for few weeks. Didn’t want to talk to people about it but sat in front of laptop during nights to figure things out. Finally I prayed to God that “Please help me to succeed on this one, Lord. I want to get it done so I can move on to next task what you will give me.”  After that night, I got hints out of nowhere and implemented the feature quickly. After that point, it has been very smooth. Praise God for His guidance.

Thanks to sisters and brothers efforts together, we get our new website now in place. I am taught through this experience that God is with us in this church, as we are willing to obey and serve Him with diligence. It is never about what we can do but offering ourselves to Him. He can use us and make us succeed in the area we serve. He has the ultimate control.

— by Hong