We are one body

There has been a week since website was launched. Just wanted to check the site once again, I saw the update of member’s sharing section by Hong. She testified God’s working in her in developing the site. It was encouraging to see the new her in Christ, who expresses in words in boldness and in truth, since as she mentioned in the sharing, she is not a talkative person by nature.

Interesting that she said she left many things undone in her life. I did not know her personally very well before we came to this church. But I believe what she said is true as God works in our weakness and glorifies himself. In the church, she is the strength to get things done, buying the white board, getting the recorder, making the new website, etc. I enjoyed her fruit when working in the Lord with her, who just quietly and peacefully serves with gentleness and submission. Whoever leads in the area, whether event organizing, or cooking, or cleaning, she just gives her best support without any complaint or grumble. Praise God the Spirit flows and I am being influenced and trying to imitate her in this area as she imitates Christ.

God is so good. He calls us to be in the church so that we can help each other in one’s strength. Individually we have weaknesses, but as a whole body, we can be strong and show the manifold wisdom of God. We have been studying Ephesians that we are called to keep the unity God gave us. This unity is not only because of all the common things we have in Christ – one body, one hope, one Spirit, one faith, one God – but also because of our differences which make us need each other. Again what we experience matches what we learn. The word of God becomes true in our church.

— By Ying