Righteous live by faith

I want to praise God for his grace to help me to know him and share his divine nature and become righteous. And as it is written “the righteous will live by faith” so I want to follow my Lord my Saviour, Jesus Christ to live holy by trusting in the God.

It’s a awesome relationship between God and his child, he called us by names and we cry out to him through the name of Jesus Christ, who became the way to connect us to God the Father. And it is for us to learn to work with God as we can never live holy by our own effort! We are chosen by God’s grace, but we will also prove God’s choosing is right and just by the way we live for him.


你的声音呼叫我名字 (Your voice called my name)

你的大能打开我眼睛 (Your power opened up my eyes)

耶稣 是你找到了我(Jesus, you found me)

我的声音呼求你的圣名(My voice call on to your name)

我的心灵渴慕你圣洁(My heart desires your holiness)

耶稣 求你来改变我(Jesus, please come and change me)

感谢主十架上的救赎 (Praise Lord for your redemption on the cross)

洗净我罪赐我公义新衣 (Cleansed my sins and gave me the righteous robe)

感谢主胜过死亡黑暗 (Praise Lord for overcoming death and darkness)

唤醒我灵复兴我生命 (Woke up my spirit and restore my life)

因信称义 神的恩典 ( Called to be righteous through faith, God’s grace)

因信得生 神的公义 (Righteous live by faith, God’s justice)