It is God who leads and keeps

I am not a consistent person at all and I do not remember even one thing I voluntarily insisted in doing to completion. But praise God that He kept me in Christ and I have not been weary in pursuing Him during the last three years. The more I know Him, the more I want to know Him. That’s the amazing part. His burden is light because I am just being His child, believing He will continue to help me.

God is leading me everywhere. Even my work status matches my experience in the Lord. I came as a new beginner, learned to be committed, gradually had more understanding, and received good opportunity to change and grow.

I believe I will be changed to be more organized, more consistent, more obedient, and less prideful. So I try to tell myself to work with Him and there are plenty of opportunities to do things for the church, so that I can be the consistent person with peace and joy, listens more carefully to what leader tells us to do, and accepts correction.

God is good.

— Sharing by Ying