I am a sinner, but He can save me

I feel myself stuck in a transition stage where I left one place but haven’t arrived at another place. Somehow God allowed me to find emptiness in this world even in some areas where I did enjoy before, like watching TV, traveling and meeting with friends. I am still attractive to those at the beginning, but get bored easily after a while, very empty, uncomfortable, and down. I kind of remember the moments of peace and joy after bible reading, but I just don’t choose to do so for some reason even after I have tried everything else and become frustrated.

I begin to understand what this sinful nature is really about, knowing what is good but don’t do. This confirms to me that I do need the church and  if I do anything good, truly it is God who does through me.

Praise God for His patience. I believe the emptiness of my heart will be filed by Spirit more and more. The goodness of God’s word which I tasted previously will help me make the right decision each time. I know I will fall many times, but God’s grace covers me so that I can just stand up and try again. This grace is great comfort for me when I try to serve God and follow the Spirit because no negative results can affect me any more as long as I have faith in the one who is in control.

— Sharing by Ying