Yes!  I can see the difference.

Half a year ago, I led them to say sorry to each other because they made big noises during the communion time.  With the disciplines and constant reminding, they are much quieter during the communion time nowadays.

Mom: say sorry to the younger children.

Lillian: Sorry.

Mom: I won’t be like this(making big noises) in the next communion time.

Lillian: I won’t be like this in the next communion time.

Mom: I won’t give bad example to others.

Lillian: I won’t give bad example to others.

… …

A few days ago, lillian made a big commitment to Mom by herself. I recorded it to remind her later. Hope she remembers her words all the time.

Lillian(a little shy): From now on, I will say “OK” to whatever you tell me to do. I won’t ask “Why? Why? Why?”.

Mom: Really? Will lillian be so submissive?

Lillian: Yes. I will.

Mom: Next time if you do wrong, I will show you this video.

Lillian: OK.

Next post in the end of Dec.  Stay tuned…