Keep the focus

I read the story of a crow drinking water from a bottle with the children . Because there is too less water in the high bottle, the crow has to think how to drink the water. It picks up some small stones and put them into the bottle. Afterwards, the water is high enough for the crow to drink.


So I put a cup with half water on the table for the children to do the experiments. They can pick up small objects to put them into the glass to see what will happen.


They discovered something exciting!  The water in the glass magnifies the objects they put into it!

After a while, the two eld ones were not any more excited and only the younger ones continued to check different objects.

In the end, even the youngest one started to do something else: dry the stuff.  What’s going on?  Because the oldest one was doing it. All the three younger ones were following her.

Are we(adults) the same? We discover something new in God and are excited. But after a while, our focus switches to something else because we are bored of it or somebody else influences us. We are bored because we don’t press on deeper to discover more or to understand more. Keep the focus! Press on to know more about Jesus. Knowing Jesus is eternal life!

(John 17:3) Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

God bless you!