Matthew 22

The wedding banquet
If the King prepares a wedding banquet for His son and invites you, will you miss it? Jesus here illustrates the old nature of man through people’s response. They take the invitation casually and excuse themselves from coming. It is the King’s command to come. He gets angry after inviting the people few times. When mercy is great, the corresponding wrath is great. The Lord is our King. For us, we should not occupy with own life and miss out the Lord’s calling. Is it about deserving to be invited? Nobody really deserves. It is the King’s grace to invite. We show we are worthy by accepting the invitation. Is everyone invited welcomed by the King? Many are invited but few are chosen. You need to respect the host and his rules. He provided the wedding garment. You need obey to put on and wear it in the banquet. For us to go in the Kingdom of heaven, we need to accept Jesus Christ and wear this salvation garment to go in.

Pay tax to Caesar
When focusing on a particular physical topic, it confuses. But if focus on what belongs to God and what belongs to the world, the answer is clear. Not mix the physical with the spiritual. Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar. Give what belongs to God to God. In physical life, submit to the authority and live a life of suffering. In spiritual life, surrender all to the Lord and obey His kingship.

Marriage at the resurrection
Sadducees didn’t believe resurrection. And Christ answered them according to what they read in the old testaments. We should read the scripture in light of God’s power. He is beyond our limitations. Get to know the scripture, not to prove it wrong. Get to know God’s power, not with human limited mind.

The greatest command
Since Pharisees try to obey the law, Christ tell them the perfect law. They are so focus on the details of written commands, and fail to see what the Law leads them which is Christ. Get to know the heart of the law so we can be ready when the Lord is back.

Whose son is Christ?
The group read scripture according to their own limitations. They cannot answer this question. The logical reasoning may miss out the power of God. We shall experience the word through love not through logical understandings.

The very issue the group of people focus on blind them from focusing on Christ. May you be able to answer who is Christ and know Him and His coming.