2 Samuel 1-5

Main points to think over:

Spiritual people think differently from the world. Do not assume based on your own logic or old way of thinking, but seek the word of God and know what pleases him.

Let evil people do evil, but as for us, trust God, do right, wait patiently until God lift us up in due time.

Let’s learn from David how he honors God’s anointed, sees everything as God’s doing, and only focuses on what Saul did for God and his people. Let’s not focus on each other’s weakness, but speaks what edifies, and let leaders rebuke for good purpose.

Many people may know Jesus should be their king, or get baptized, or even serve the church, but only when they make Jesus their king, Jesus does come to their life, Holy Spirit starts to work and God’s promise will fulfill in their life.

As David conquers Jerusalem after he was made king, we need also remove the stronghold in our heart and welcome the Spirit to dwell in it as David welcomed the ark.

God will deal with our heart first before he deals with our outward sin, just as David needs to conquer Jerusalem before defeating Philistine.

Let’s seek for God’s direction each time and obey leader in unity even if previous experience has been successful so that God can be gloried, not our strength or experience. Obedience is what pleases God.

As David was too weak in his life time to deal with Joab, who represents our old self, we may also struggle with our flesh all the time. But the times we follow Spirit to get closer to God will ensure our salvation, so trust God, who will eventually remove those he wants to remove, and save us from this sinful body.