Freedom in Christ (1)

The freedom Christ gave us is freedom from the bondage of sin, from the basic principle of this world, and from the old self, for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

I tasted a bit the freedom in Christ last week. I was totally controlled by my emotion and got angry. Funny that I know it is wrong, it does not really make me feel good either, but I just can’t control, or even don’t want to control, instead I just let my emotion to be expressed to the very extreme. But somehow this time I was convicted and went to pray. I asked for forgiveness and prayed to be set free from my emotion. Immediately, the spirit of peace came to my heart, and all the negative emotion left me. It is a real relief after confession, like a huge burden removed at that moment. The humbleness I got from the Spirit is also very comforting, light and gentle. Praise God!

— Sharing by Ying