Unexpected Vistors

Today two students Kuan and Hua came to our church because they saw our post in the library and somehow chose to come. It has been a long time since last time we had introduction on Friday bible study. William asked us to share how much we love Jesus. Again it was a great chance for us to practice how to testify Christ in our life. I like Hua’s direct question and the way he was eager to know what touched us and how we sensed God.

Praise God that people in the church gave some testimonies that even I never heard before. It was difficult sometimes to describe in words, but all those people in the old testament, new testament, just stood up and spoke for the sake of other people, and bible promised that Spirit will tell us what to say.

His promise is true.

— Sharing by Ying

I am a sinner, but He can save me

I feel myself stuck in a transition stage where I left one place but haven’t arrived at another place. Somehow God allowed me to find emptiness in this world even in some areas where I did enjoy before, like watching TV, traveling and meeting with friends. I am still attractive to those at the beginning, but get bored easily after a while, very empty, uncomfortable, and down. I kind of remember the moments of peace and joy after bible reading, but I just don’t choose to do so for some reason even after I have tried everything else and become frustrated.

I begin to understand what this sinful nature is really about, knowing what is good but don’t do. This confirms to me that I do need the church and  if I do anything good, truly it is God who does through me.

Praise God for His patience. I believe the emptiness of my heart will be filed by Spirit more and more. The goodness of God’s word which I tasted previously will help me make the right decision each time. I know I will fall many times, but God’s grace covers me so that I can just stand up and try again. This grace is great comfort for me when I try to serve God and follow the Spirit because no negative results can affect me any more as long as I have faith in the one who is in control.

— Sharing by Ying

It is God who leads and keeps

I am not a consistent person at all and I do not remember even one thing I voluntarily insisted in doing to completion. But praise God that He kept me in Christ and I have not been weary in pursuing Him during the last three years. The more I know Him, the more I want to know Him. That’s the amazing part. His burden is light because I am just being His child, believing He will continue to help me.

God is leading me everywhere. Even my work status matches my experience in the Lord. I came as a new beginner, learned to be committed, gradually had more understanding, and received good opportunity to change and grow.

I believe I will be changed to be more organized, more consistent, more obedient, and less prideful. So I try to tell myself to work with Him and there are plenty of opportunities to do things for the church, so that I can be the consistent person with peace and joy, listens more carefully to what leader tells us to do, and accepts correction.

God is good.

— Sharing by Ying

Why do we want to give testimonies?

It is taught in Hebrew 1:3 that the Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. We can see God from the Son, he testifies everything about God, and he also receives everything from the Father and became the light of life for those who believe in Him.

As a believer of Christ, we has received all spiritual blessing in Chirst (Ephesians 1:3), the light from God. In which there is life, love, grace, power, truth, authority and just. And when we receive all these by faith, we will testify Christ by our life as Christ lives inside us and we will also become the light to others and help them to see the living God.

It is such a good news to sinners like us who has been lived in darkness for long time and used to Satan’s bondage. Because now Christ set us free, and our old life has died with Him and has been resurrected with Him. Like the example of Samaritan woman in John chapter 4, she was converted by Jesus and she received salvation by faith. She no longer afraid of being seen by others due to her sinfulness, but happily shared the good news to the people in the city and testified Jesus Christ.

Here we are a group of people who has received the light from Christ and we want to share how God works in each of us. We’d like to glorify God by our testimonies about his power working in our life and transferring, changing us day by day and being a new creation in the Lord.

May the light of life also touches you and shine upon you! May you also receive all the spiritual blessings from our heavenly Father, God!

–Sharing by Meifang