A good practice of doing things by faith: )

faithRecently we have been talking a lot about the word “faith”, not only from the book of Job (Job said the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away after his first testing, then he said when God tested me, I will come forth as gold when he suffered for some time.This kind of tested faith is what God wanted from us) , but also from the book of Ephesians (Paul reminded us that we have so many spiritual blessings in Christ, but all these blessings we have to attain it by faith, and after having all these spiritual blessings we should live the life of high standard).

From all these studies, we see God’s teaching are so connected, the spirit is leading us to live a life with faith, with power. And this Friday, we changed our normal topic on Friday to how to apply faith in everything we do due to the spirit’s leading. We used personal examples to express how we could use our faith. It was really refreshing to us. Praise God that he always gives what we need to us. God is so good!

Today we had our evangelism event, during our prayer, we prayed that may we have faith in the Lord that no matter how many people coming to the event, we will be prepared to do God’s work and be a good testimony to each other. We were planned to talk about how can we get the faith, in the middle of the teaching, we noticed there is a Finnish guy standing in front of our door. Ying went out and talked to him and welcomed him to our church and he came in. Praise God!

We all welcomed him and we had a chance to tell him briefly about our church, gave testimony to him.And praise God the person is also willing to open up to us. He said he believes there is someone in control, but he doesn’t know God so much. We got a chance to pray for him later, and we prayed God can open his eyes to see Him. When he told us the reason why he was looking at our church and came in, we saw how amazing our God is! We never know how He leads someone to Him, but we only trust if we have faith in Him, we can be used by Him to preach his gospel and glorify Him.

This is really a good practice of doing things by faith! Praise God!